Counseling Session with Mrs. Holt Online

I know while we are dealing with COVID 19, we are facing very trying and confusing times.  Although school is closed, meeting the needs of students during this time is important to me. 

During the school year, my students can have a private counseling session with me through  Parents can also ask me about resources for helping your child.
I am not available during the summer vacation months.)

Please send me an email first to make an appointment!  I don't want to keep you waiting.  You can reach me at [email protected].   Please just let me know you or your child would like to meet online and give a time that works best for you during my online hours, and I will reply with the time to log on.

Please DO NOT discuss any private information on email. 

Once we have set up an appointment time, find my page (copy and paste into a URL) to sign into my waiting room.  These sessions are confidential and are not being recorded, and follow HIPAA statutes and regulations. You have the option to do a video chat, audio only, or message.  Please let me know what you prefer.

If you feel in danger of harming yourself or others, please call 911. Other resources are Carilion Connect (540-981-8181) and the National Crisis Line (1-800-784-2433). If you feel you are being physically harmed by a caregiver, you may call Roanoke City Child Protective Services at (853-2245).

TOGETHER we WILL get through this!! 
~Mrs. Holt