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Mrs. Theresa Schmitt

It is my pleasure to welcome you to another awesome year at Virginia Heights Elementary School. Each school year together is truly exciting and rewarding!  Prepare for more adventures as the entire school will participate in walking field trips to local businesses for community connections and art creations, math and reading instruction will be both challenging and engaging, and our students will continue to build positive relationships with their teachers and peers.


The Virginia Heights' Staff is both professional and enthusiastic.  Our goal is to provide your child with many enriching opportunities in which to grow academically, intellectually, and socially.  It is also our intent to provide a safe, orderly, and stimulating environment.


Virginia Heights Elementary School strives to bring effective and exciting educational experiences to all students, while meeting their individual needs, as well.  This will be accomplished by providing a comprehensive curriculum through effective instruction and with continuous communication among parents, staff, and the students themselves. 


I sincerely value parent involvement, so I invite and encourage you to participate in our many school programs. Our staff values the contributions you make to the school through continuing interest and support of the educational program, time and effort you spend encouraging good study and work habits with your children, and enrollment and participation in our P.T.A. 


Please feel free to visit your child’s school and share any suggestions, concerns, or ideas that you may have with us. Your input is a valuable tool in making this year both successful and meaningful. 



Theresa Schmitt

Theresa A. Schmitt