Hello My Name Is...

Maestra Gray


I am the Spanish teacher at Preston Park, Roanoke Academy, Round Hill and Virginia Heights!  This year I will be working with all 2-5th grade students for twelve 30-minute sessions.  Students will be provided with a workbook that contains all of the information that we will discover during our sessions, it is also filled with supplemental activities that they can work on after our sessions are over.

In our time together students will use songs, stories and games to explore myths and historical facts about Mexico, Spain, Guatemala and Honduras.  They will sustain basic conversations with simple questions and answers.  They will analyze some differences in grammatical structures between English and Spanish.  Finally, they will expand their Spanish vocabulary to include:
Shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle)
Primary Colors (red, blue, yellow, white)
Numbers (0-15)
Parts of the body (head, shoulders, knees, feet)
Parts of the face (eye, ear, mouth, nose)
Types of fruit (banana, apple, pear, strawberry, orange, grapes)
Parts of a home (house, roof, door, window)
Common household pets (dog, mouse, cat, fish)

To practice some of these things at home, students are highly encouraged to visit the official YouTube playlist of the Spanish program.